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Why do people use web directories?

Date Added: May 12, 2009 10:35:39 PM
Author: James
Web directories are similar to the phone book directory except in this case websites across the Internet are organized into specific categories that make it easier for people to find the information they want. The Internet, namely the World Wide Web, is just a cloud of domains scattered across the world, which usually reside in web hosting servers. To organize this information, search engines have made it easier to navigate and search through the cloud of domains out there for Internet users. With web directories, it takes these websites and places them in categories, which are searchable for people who are looking for certain groups of websites.

One main use of a web directory is to help boost the page rank of a website. Webmasters would usually submit their website to web directories to gain a back link to their site. Linking to web directories with a high page rank would increase the likelihood that the site submitted would be perceived by search engines as an important site. The higher the page rank a site receives, the higher priority it receives in search engine rankings.
Another use would be to do research. This subtopic on research can go on and on but one set of users would use it for market research. If you were researching something on marketing your product like an eBook, “How to build a desk”, you can look under the category construction and see which sub categories would fit your specific niche and research what other products or services are offered. Of course this depends on how organized the web directory administrator and staff are in categorizing the websites.

On the web, there are several million resources you can tap into and web directories are just one of those tools.
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