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Computer Science Industry Is Growing: Where Should I Look?

Americans love technology, and the technology revolution is changing the way things are done every day. The people that create these technological revolutions are most often involved in the field of computer science. Computer science is the study of computers and their computation. In today’s world, computers are everywhere; therefore, the need for people who possess a computer science degree, who can continue to fuel our computer science revolution, has never been greater.
Technology Sector Tops in Growth

The computer revolution is in full swing on planet earth. According to a American Association for the Advancement of Science, the technology sector will continue to be one of the top five fastest growing industries in the world through 2020. This growth must be fueled by workers who are skilled and ready to continue this computer science revolution.

Industries with Increasing Demand for Skilled Computer Science Workers

Computers and technology are found in almost every industry around the world. However, where will their growth be most felt in the coming decades? Some industries will experience a higher demand for skilled computer science workers in the coming years. One of the industries that will see a large increase in the need for skilled computer science workers will be Healthcare. As America’s population ages, the healthcare needs of its citizenry are going to greatly multiply. Computers are an integral part of our national healthcare system, and individuals skilled in both the medical sciences and computer science will be required to maintain and improve the quality of health for people in the United States and around the globe.

As the world’s nations continue to grapple with natural issues like global warning and a dwindling supply of fossil fuels, the energy industry is also looking to technology to expand its ability to surface consumers’ growing need for affordable and renewable energy resources. In the United States, nearly 40 percent of American energy and utility workers are preparing to retire; leaving the industry with an even bigger gap to be filled by highly competent workers. The use of computers in the energy industry is expanding exponentially as the industry harnesses technology to maximize and analyze energy potential with existing and new sources.

Within the energy industry, the search for new fossil fuels is becoming increasingly critical. Mining and oil and gas extraction are some of the few industries to experience an increase in demand for skilled labor during the recent Great Recession. This growth is expected to continue to boon into the foreseeable future as developing nations fuel an increased demand for fossil fuels. Mining and oil and gas extraction are fields that have becoming highly computerized. Also, as new technological advances are being made in this quickly evolving industry, those skilled in the computer sciences will also find great opportunity in this evolving and challenging industry.

Another scientific industry experiencing significant growth is Biotechnology. While many people think biotechnology is synonymous with chemistry. It is also very much part of the world of computer science. Highly skilled computer scientists are needed to both research, store, and analyze the vast amounts of data now being discovered in the ever expanding field of Biotechnology.

One industry with a growing need for skilled computer science personnel might surprise you. The Manufacturing industry has been America’s backbone since the Industrial Revolution. As manufacturing has become a much more automated and technologically advanced process, computers are becoming an integral part of manufacturing processes around the nation. Many manufacturing companies are already reporting a lack of skilled works, especially in the field of computers.

Behind all good engineers; there are computers. Skilled engineers service many different industries around the world and utilize computers on a daily basis to project, analyze, and create critical components of everyday life for the rest of us. Again, those skilled in computer science will partner with engineers to create and build the world of tomorrow for everyone.

It is difficult to think of a world without computers. They are most definitely part of our present and future. The field of computer science is an integral part of many crucial industries around of the world and will see huge growth in coming decades.

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