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Customized Wedding Favor Ideas For A Long Lasting Memory

Wedding favors are tokens or small gifts you can give to your guests for making time to grace your wedding. You would like them to be reminded of the colorful event and the wedding favor is a souvenir letting them remember the grand event you celebrated with the best man or woman in your life. It should definitely be special and a very exclusive design commemorating the wedding ceremony. With so many options already available today, you can definitely choose the best that augurs well with the mood and wedding theme.

To add some customized or personal touch to the favors fit for a wedding does not indicate how special they are but also pronounces lots of warmth and gratitude you have towards those who came for the ceremony. Once they have seen the personalized favors, it gives them pleasure to note that you had them in mind when choosing the gifts. So many options are available to choose from, including some very popular.

Gourmet Tea And Coffee

If you are a pragmatist and romantic, these blends are perfect. Exotic coffee flavors and great tea varieties make interesting wedding favors with a utilitarian touch. Obviously, they are not anywhere close to conventional favors but guests will definitely accept them. Lots of different types of coffee and tea can be selected for specific guests as per the choice they have.

Personalized Candles

Today, you will find personalized candles at some of the most popular wedding favors out there in assorted scents, shapes and designs. You can add some personal message to the customized candle appreciating the guests warmly for coming to celebrate with you in one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Eco-friendly materials and products that do not affect the climate or cause global warming are always hot topics today and finding green wedding favors will be going well with this theme. This is especially special for those guests who might be passionate about the surroundings. Petal cones, potted little plants or seed packets among other items are good favors you can pass to your guests. A green gift given is a clear way of showing how much you care for your environment and the planet as a whole. It can be personalized by adding some label or note or being wrapped creatively before being handed to special guests.  If you are going to label them you should get a Dymo label printer to help you quickly and nicely label everything.

Assorted Tokens

There are also so many tokens you can choose to give your guests as wedding favors customized to their own liking. These include such gifts as pepper and salt shakers, playing cards and bottle openers and many others. Customize by embossing names on them so that they suit different tastes.

In customizing wedding favors, couples want to give out things that reflect the individuality of the guests and the personality they have as a new couple. This means any product can be used and transformed in very creative items, such as shot glasses of different colors that perhaps are thematic hues of the wedding. Whatever wedding favors you decide to customize for your guests, avoid exceeding your budget since you also have a wedding with lots of expenses to meet.

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