Marketing and Advertising Using Personalized Cups

While restaurants are important institutions, the eateries that are really popular tend to be the ones that are open on the morning and for lunch. This is where people go to get their fix before facing the rest of their day, often through a strong cup of coffee and a snack. In these types of locations, it can be really beneficial to use personalized cups, be they paper or china, to advertise a business.

Advertising through Personalized Cups

You already have a customer inside your business, but that doesn’t mean that they remember who you are or what you do. Put your advertisement right in their face for about half an hour, and you will really be making a difference. This is effectively what you do when you put a personalized coffee cup on a customer’s table. Unlike paper advertisements, it is not possible to turn this one away and unlike TV advertisements, you can’t turn the sound down or change the channel. This is one advertisement that people simply cannot escape from.

Using them as Gifts

If you have a slightly more extensive marketing budget, you can also use your cups as gifts. You may find that a personalized cups company will give you a discount if you purchase in bulk. This means donating some of your cups to your most regular clients becomes quite affordable. Doing so means that your business will be advertised to them even more, as they take it home or to work and put it on display. Plus, people appreciate receiving gifts, so you are also increasing your customer satisfaction.

Personalized cups are not just for businesses. Individual people also like them, as you can have them printed in any way you want. Include a funny joke, someone’s name, a greeting of love, the date of an important event and so on. It makes a great gift, particularly if you also give them a package of their preferred coffee. Businesses can also do this as a Christmas gift to their staff, for instance.

If you run a coffee business and are intending to showcase at an event, then you could also consider having cups printed. Whether you give these to anybody who visits your stall, or whether you give them to people who make a purchase is up to you. What matters is that it is another way to get your name out there and to be memorable. While many businesses don’t like giving things away randomly, because of the associated cost, you also need to think about the return on investment. If giving cups away brings in a lot more business, then it may actually be worth it.

Personalized cups can make really unusual gifts, be they corporate or personal. Take some time to think about your design and what your goal is with the cups. Then, once you contact a printing company, you will be able to explain in detail what you intend to achieve with your cup.

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