3 superfast tips for business efficiency

Some businesses claim to be as fast as lightning, more efficient than a finely oiled machine and able to live up to customer services with a wink and a smile – but few manage to live up to their grand promises.

Instead, they’ll hobble through customer service like war-wounded soldiers on a battlefield strewn with potholes. Their employees will slump through their day and clients will eventually shrug their shoulders and bolt for the door.

Inefficiency is the death knell for any business. You could be able to craft the finest products available in your field, but if you don’t deliver them on time, your customer base will dwindle until you hit a dramatic point of bankruptcy.

To combat a steady decline in fortunes, the savviest companies have a number of fail-safes in place to keep business ticking over as efficiently as possible.

Want to know what they are? Then take a look at our list.

Payroll with panache

Before the dawn of the digital age, sorting out every member of your staff’s payroll was a job that dominated your HR employees’ time.

The rigmarole of admin, tax code changes and mind-boggling calculations that would strain a measly calculator to breaking point was energy that could have been expended on other, more important tasks.

Now, however, digital payroll software consists of far more than a glorified spreadsheet. These fancy programs have the power to run your payroll for you – after only a small amount of input, the software will be ready to fly with minimal help.

So your HR staff will be able to focus on other tasks – and you can put your feet up.

Hold back for a rainy day

Whether they can help it or not, plenty of businesses are barely keeping their head above water. Their outgoings are more than their incomings – and they don’t have a plan B to save them.

DON’T be one of those companies. Instead of fearing the sound of a bailiff’s van every month, hold some of your initial startup capital for a rainy day.

This might seem like a basic tip, but that rainy day fund could prove vital to fulfilling contractual obligations when money is tight – keeping business ticking over until your next influx of profits.

Don’t wait – calculate

The worst kind of businessperson lives in a world of vague predictions, underestimating deadline dates and fobbing off customer enquiries. These people live in the cracks between certainty, never committing to one plan of action. Their enterprise won’t last long.

By giving your clients definite deadlines or delivery dates, you’ll inspire confidence. And by sticking to your promises, you’ll gain a greater number of repeat customers.

Don’t provide clients with a guesstimate, but a concrete promise that you’ve figured out before delivery. You won’t regret the extra effort when your wallet’s a little bit heavier.

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