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5 Green Printing Practices For Businesses

Sustainability is a trend that is here to stay, which is why all business big and small should be aware of the many ways they can participate in reducing their carbon footprint. Here are a few tips for businesses to make some changes immediately with little to no cost.

Recycling Technology

According to A Greener Refill, “Each year over 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away with most ending up in landfills or in incinerators”.  Everyone is aware of recycling practices of paper and plastic but many are unaware that ink cartridges can be recycled and refurbished ink cartridges can be purchased.

Many companies offer free recycling programs for these devices in which all you have to do is gather up the used cartridges and mail them in free of charge.  Other electronics such as printers , cell phones, monitors, and computers can also be recycled.

Go Paperless (as much as possible)

Technology is a great conservator of paper products allowing messages to be sent to the masses via email, also, billing and invoicing can be done online securely. By utilizing email as a main source of intercompany communication and offering customers a discount for enrolling in online billing you not only reducing your printing and postage costs, but, you making a significant reduction in your paper and ink consumption. If you have the right staff and server storage many items can be stored electronically reducing those bulky file cabinets.

Reset Your Printer Settings

Not only will this save you money on ink cartridge purchases (which I hope are re-furbished), but it will also make a small impact on the environment with the click of a button. Most printer models have a “toner save mode” and this is where most of your printing should be done.

Your IT department should be able to set this up as the default for all printing or you can easily use the toner save mode by going into your setting and selecting it.  You can manually change this setting if you are doing some high quality printing projects, however, most will not even notice the difference in quality while using the toner save mode.

Buy Recycled paper & Ink Cartridges

This simple practice will save you money since purchasing recycled paper and ink cartridges is usually less then high quality ones while completing the circle. Not only does your company recycle, but, they are also supporting the process by purchasing recycled materials.

Create Awareness

This is a very important and effective step to take. You need to make recycling easy for everyone in the company in order to make it the only option. Replace the main trash with color coded bins which are labels with specific items like Paper products, Plastics, Ink Cartridges, cardboard and Food and other trash. This will keep everything organized and drastically reduce the amount of “trash”. Putting paper recycling bins next to the printer along with ink and toner cartridge bins will also make it convenient and easy for participation.

Recycling, creating awareness, going paperless and buying recyclable products your business will help to make a positive impact on the environment and at no cost to the company so why not start today?

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