8 Things To Look For In A Business Truck

A truck can really add power and growth to your business. It will allow you to deliver goods on a much larger scale, and it’s the first step to competing with the major players. However, there are a lot of options out there, and it’s not as simple as buying a car! Unfortunately, you can’t stroll into the dealership and take the latest lorries out for a test-drive. There are many different makes and models, each with their unique features and functions. You’ll have match your truck to your business and get the best performance out of it.

It goes without saying that buying a truck or haulage lorry is an expensive business. It’s crucial that you spend your money wisely. The right truck will get your business on the road, and keep you going for a decade. It will improve your business efficiency and unlock new markets. But, the wrong truck could start experiencing trouble within the first year. It could make or break your company, with a lot of finances resting on this decision. Without further ado, here are the eight most important things to look for in a business truck.



1. Condition – Most first-time lorry buyers will instinctively look to the used market. It’s cheaper and there are a lot more trucks available. However, this is tricky territory if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s crucial that you choose a truck that is in perfect condition. You can expect a little wear and tear from a second-hand truck. But, make sure this doesn’t impact its drivability and reliability. You may need to take a seasoned expert with you here, as the mechanics of a haulage vehicle are complex. The main pillars of condition are the engine, the wheels, and the fluids. The truck should also come with a complete and thorough service history. It will show you the date and details of every service and repair so far. You’re looking for a clean bill of health and regular checks.

2. Reliability – Leading on from the condition of the truck, you’re looking for a certain peace of mind going into the future. The last thing you want is repeated roadside breakdowns. It will wreak havoc on your finances and result in late deliveries. As a business, this is simply unacceptable. Therefore, you need to trust the lorry you buy. It must come with a reputation for reliability and a strong support structure around it. You can guarantee this with a long factory warranty. Search for the vehicles with lengthy warranties and guaranteed support.

3. Mileage – With your truck on the road for eight to ten hours a day, you need the best possible fuel economy. Diesel prices continue to rise, so you need to keep on top of fuel costs. Look for the mpg ratings of your potential truck. You’re looking for the vehicles that will sip fuel gently and cost you the least at the pump. There is another factor at play here too. Vehicles with lower fuel consumption qualify for lower road tax. When you choose a truck with low mileage, you benefit from lower fuel costs and reduced road tax. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Pulling power – The main function of any truck is the ability to pull a heavy load. Your cargo is at the heart of your decision, and you should choose accordingly. Assess how much cargo you’ll be transporting and the weight of it. If your intended shipments are too heavy for the truck, you’ll put a strain on the engine. It will wear down the system, and you’ll burn the truck out quickly, costing you a fortune. If your cargo is too light, then you’ve bought more truck than you need! Every vehicle comes complete with their optimal pulling power. Assess and weigh your load first, and then make the appropriate choice.

5. Safety – Trucks are big, heavy, and dangerous vehicles. They’re also on the road for long periods of time. It makes them a high-risk vehicle to drive, with accident rates relatively high. As a result, you need confidence in the safety credentials of your truck. Your drivers deserve to feel safe and confident while driving. Modern lorries have tons of great safety features built in. The best vehicles now have stabilization technology to give them more traction in a crash situation. You should also look for modern airbags, seatbelts, and technology.

6. Security – Your truck will spend most of its life filled with expensive cargo. That makes it a high target for thieves looking to make a quick getaway. Any loss of stock could result in a big hit to your company finances. Not to mention a lot of hassle with the insurance companies! You’re looking for a truck with the best locks and alarms as standard. You should also opt for upgrades to include GPS tracking systems to help locate your stolen van. Improving your security will also bring your insurance quote down, so it’s well worth investing.

7. Price – Of course, you also need to consider your budget. For truck buyers, there are two main options here: the used market and the new market. The used market is significantly cheaper, and you can easily find a bargain first-time truck. Auction sites like http://trucks.autotrader.co.uk/ are the best place to start your search, and you can always negotiate further. If you’re intent on buying a new model, you’ll need a bigger budget. Just remember, you will get what you pay for.

8. Technology – Finally, it’s worth keeping a lookout for modern technology advances. Trucks are now a haven for fantastic vehicle technology to help with the driving experience. We’ve already touched one of the options: GPS tracking. It will help you monitor the performance of your truck, and help you find it if it’s stolen. You’ll also find newer models with reversing sensors, built-in diagnostics, and delivery software. These will all keep your drivers safer and allow them to execute their jobs with more efficiency.

Investing in a business truck is a big step and a strong investment. Take your time and choose wisely!

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