Brilliant Facebook Advertising Tips That Will Boost The Success of Your Business

It’s not just a social media platform used to parade friendship, feelings, and personal fetes, or even a place to get your inspiration from, since its establishment in 2004, Facebook has proven that it’s a giant advertising platform and your business wins or will depend on your level of aggressiveness. It also depends on how well you make use of features developed to boost your digital marketing strategy.

If you’re starting out and you want to take advantage of the 4000 Facebook friends you have, or even if you have been using the app to promote your store, you’re in the right place. This article will explore and explode all your imagination and advertising options that will fall right into your social media marketing strategy; we’re assuming that you have one of those – it’s a necessity.

Why are we focusing on Facebook?

It’s the biggest and a remarkable source of organic as well as paid traffic. Since traffic drives sales, investing in the platform will boost your ROI.

So, how do you take advantage of this platform that is becoming the cornerstone of the modern digital marketing strategies?

  • Use video ads

Haven’t you seen all those captivating and high-quality videos shared on Facebook? And how much of your time do you use up watching those unplanned videos that you ‘just can’t get enough of’? Did you just realize that you’d been watching videos for over an hour?

Considering all the other people like you who’ve watched hundreds of videos the past few months without knowing, don’t you think that your business will garner more traffic if you created such captivating, entertaining, selling, short, fresh, and high-quality videos? Facebooks users have been known to watch 100 million hours of videos daily, unbelievable, right? Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world for you to use video ads.

Something else you should know that the average video on Facebook gets about 135 percent more organic reach than any photos.

So, to increase your organic reach and your engagement on the paid ads, you should invest in creating more videos. As long as the video is good, you can expect a high return on your investment.

Speaking of video, note that you can use recorded or live videos to drive traffic. Since working as a personal injury lawyer takes up too much of your time, you may want to use an experience digital marketer to streamline your marketing prospects in and out of Facebook.

  • Use other Facebook Ads

Away from video ads, Facebook gives you more options for ads. Carousels, slideshow ads, canvas, collection ads, and dynamic ads will improve your sales because they are available in different formats that fulfill different business needs.

Carousel ads make use of multiple images, offers of USPs and integrates them into one leaving you content that gives your followers incredible experiences. Using carousel ads, you can also create more compelling ads.

Collection ads are the ads which allow users to browse through several products of even informational pages in-app. Through these collection ads, you can grow awareness as you generate less friction in comparison to using outbound links.

Slideshow ads are also specific and effective since they allow you to use lightweight videos which load fast. These videos are less intrusive on your browsing experience, and they present a great transition for small business to be able to create more light videos that sell better.

Dynamic ads, on the other hand, refer to the use of a single ad template to promote multiple products. The ads could also focus on creating customized pitches for the different segments of your business. Why would you need the dynamic ads? Well, they help in maximizing the relevance of content and tour returns, and they also help you carry out A/B tests faster.

Canvas is a mobile ad format used by Facebook to transform your ads from one video or one that blows one image into a full-screen image. You can use the videos or the image to showcase high-quality business assets, and you can also use them to nurture your prospects along the purchase cycle.

Link ads is another Facebook ad that involves the use of prominent and highly customizable CTA buttons to direct your prospects to a landing page or a business offer. It increases conversions.

Lead ads, on the other hand, incorporate leads captured in the app.

  • Invest in the quality rather than the quantity of your content

With about 317,000 status updates on Facebook every second and 54,000 shared links uploaded to the site, you have to find a way to stand from the crowd and their noise. You’re better off creating one high-quality and refreshing video or post than many posts that get lost in the noise.

  • Integrating your Facebook Strategies

As mentioned above, these are important and integrating them with the organic and the paid strategies ensure that you give great stand out from your competition. When implementing this, use the 80:20 principle. Under this principle, 20 percent of the content you create should be hard-selling and promotional and the remainder, 80 percent should be all about fun, inspiration, and education. The 80-percent has your high-valued articles plus non-selling content.

  • Instant Replies

Thanks to AI and the use of bots, you don’t need a huge budget to reply to your customers instantly. Using the Instant Reply feature by Facebook, you boost your engagement, make customers happy, and you sell more. More Facebook users communicate using Messenger and only a few use emails. You can personalize the messages so, don’t worry about pushing customers away.

Lastly, focus on selling a story. You’ve seen the Humans of New York Episodes, have such a storytelling aspect to sell more.

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