How to: keep your workplace secure

You’ve got profits up the wazoo, staff motivated to their maximum potential and clamouring clients left, right and centre – but have you got the business security to match?

Indeed, the safety of your work premises might not be your highest priority. You’re balancing so many tasks that spending more to keep yourself safe is the furthest thing from your mind.

But your place of work could be hit by burglars, floods, fire or vandals at any point in time. Catastrophes of biblical proportions will occur when you least expect them – so it’s time to get protected.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways you can protect your business. Give them a try and your business will be far safer.

Have a blast

Fire! Fire!” Shouting this at the top of your lungs isn’t the ideal way to start your working day. And unless you want to see your workplace reduced to ashes, you’ll have to get kitted out and protected.

First off, invest in a blast ceiling that will contain the flames, stopping your fire from spreading for up to four hours. That’ll give you more than enough time to phone the emergency services.

Next up, pick up some fire extinguishers, blankets and water sprinklers to ensure you’ll have a loaded arsenal in your defence against the sparks and crackles.

Fire services attended more than 170,000 fires in England last year – make sure your business isn’t one of them.

Hire some eagle eyes

Burglars can show up at any time to make off with your computers and cash. But a hired pair of eyes can stop them before they’ve made it to your front door.

Security guards might seem like an old-school recommendation in this age of hi-tech CCTV systems and finely-tuned alarms. But adding the human element to your security setup can give you an edge over any savvy burglars.

Unlike a CCTV system, guards can react to any event in real time, defusing any situation that could prove harmful to your business.

An effective guard will free up a lot of your time ensuring the safety of your company. So take your eyes off the CCTV screens and focus on making some profits.

Know who to trust

You know that guy with the mysterious scar on his face who keeps telling you he’s “going on the rob”? You’d do well to give him a wide berth.

Workplaces have to be built on a foundation of trust – and if you can’t trust your employees, you’ll never know what’ll be missing from your office every evening.

Perform background checks on all your employees before you hire them, be thorough with references and ask probing questions about your applicant’s background.

Knowing who to trust can be the difference between a safe or a dangerous workplace. So be thorough and you’ll remain profitable.

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