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How To Operate A Fleet Of Trucks For The Least Amount Of Cost

Does your business operate a fleet of trucks? If it does, you will no doubt be aware of how expensive it can be to do that these days!

Many companies rely on their fleet of trucks to carry out deliveries and move goods between sites.

If you’re fed up of spending so much money on your truck fleet, don’t worry because I’ve got some good news for you! There are plenty of practical steps you can take to reduce those expenses. Here are some examples of the best ways to start making savings:



Reduce the number of trucks in your fleet

One of the quickest ways to start saving is by reducing the number of trucks you have in your fleet. It’s likely that you can still provide the same level of service with fewer trucks at your disposal. All you need to do is make a few adjustments to routes and schedules.

Let’s say that you’ve got several hundred trucks in your fleet. If you got rid of 100 of them, you could end up making potential savings of $500,000 a year!

Trade up to larger trucks

If you have several small trucks, it could make financial sense to upgrade to just a few large ones! The obvious benefit is you’ll have plenty of extra cargo space available. And you’ll also be able to make savings on maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs too.

There is a plethora of large trucks on the market. All you need to do is select the best ones for your needs.



Don’t cut corners on your maintenance costs

As a truck fleet operator, it’s your responsibility to ensure your vehicles are operational. It’s likely that you will lease the trucks you use, as it’s easier for cashflow purposes.

The sad truth is that some firms have a “run them till the wheels fall off” attitude for maintenance. That’s a bad idea, and for one good reason. You’ll end up paying bigger repair bills than the costs you incur for regular servicing!

If you do any repair work in-house, you should also use top-quality components. For instance, let’s say one of the wheel bearings on a truck you operate is failing.

Don’t just buy the cheapest replacement available! Instead, research the best bearing manufacturer for your truck. Remember that old saying: buy cheap, buy twice? If you stick with bargain brands, you won’t get reliable parts.

Take advantage of GPS technology

One surprising fact that some fleet operators discover is how much fuel gets wasted! The reason? Drivers seldom plot the most fuel-efficient routes for their journeys.



To stop that from happening, it’s time to take advantage of satellite navigation technology. For a small investment, each truck can get fitted with GPS devices. The neat thing about them is you can get models that also display live traffic information.

So, if there’s a traffic jam up ahead, the GPS device can plot an alternative route. Doing so will ensure your driver gets to his or her destination on time. And, of course, it will mean fuel doesn’t get wasted because the truck engine is idling!


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