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How To Personalise A Private Office With Your Company’s Personality

Creating a company culture can be the best part of building a business. This culture inevitably is what defines your product and is the thing that makes your products resonate with consumers. The brand identity that culminates from this culture has the potential to drive business and raise your company’s profile.

When out and about, conveying this idea to the public is easy because signage, attire, the product or service, and other materials are a part of relating to the public. However, in a private office, it might be more difficult to convey your company’s personality, and brand, especially if your office is in a corporate environment. Private offices allow businesses the chance to project a mostly professional image, but at the same time, some argue this image can get in the way of conveying your business’s personality to the public.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can project your company’s personality even in a stuffy private office.

Define Yourself First

Before even decorating the space, define your company and its core values. Words like innovative, creative, ambitious, or conservative can all identify who you are as a company. These words can give you a sense of your company’s approach to business, in addition to providing you with an idea of which direction to head in where creating personality in the space is concerned.

Decide On Your Demographic

Essentially, this is going to be a no-brainer because your company’s ideals are going to naturally align with your target market. Because clients will enter the space, your office is going to reflect your company’s ideals, but more importantly, it will make an impression on the public as a whole. Fleshing out your public’s personality is just as important as defining your company culture because in an ideal situation both will be similar.

Start With A Collage

Use pictures and other visuals to get a mental picture of what the space looks like. Go online and find pictures of spaces that embody the ideals of your company. Whether online or in hard copy format, review all of the pictures that represent your company’s ideals, and it is really important to avoid being drawn to visuals that you simply like because decoration in an office is a statement about your business.

When looking at the visuals, pay attention to colours and textures, and when looking at language, pay attention to the tone of the words. Bright colours convey a very different message compared with earth tones, and language that is filled with slang and other idioms convey very different messages than language written in the Queen’s English. All of these images and words will not only make up the decoration in your office, but they also have the potential to comprise your logo.


In a corporate office, you can find that decorating can be as simple as accessorising the space with your own touches. If your company’s personality is fun and whimsical, consider incorporating desk accessories that are similar. While many offices come furnished today, other furnishings that change the tone of the room can also be used to convey company personality. In the above case, bean bag chairs could be placed strategically to convey frivolity.

Simple Changes Can Convey Personality

Because you want to convey a professional image while revealing your company’s personality, avoid overpowering the public with signage and other materials that might make the space distracting to visitors. Colour splashes around the office not only spark up the space but again, colour can convey attitude. Finally, use tapestries and other wall hangings to give the space a little flare.

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