Online Reputation Management Can Help You Determine Your Branding Strategy

If you want to engage in online reputation management, you first have to have a public relations (PR) strategy in place. You cannot know whether your campaign has been successful without measuring your social media activity and online brand acceptance. So how do you do this and know whether or not you are making a difference at all?

There are many different effective online reputation management strategies to consider. As the market changes, the strategies change with it. Every day, there are new platforms to try that give you some fantastic insight in terms of how your brand and reputation is doing. Social media monitoring can be done using a variety of tools, some of which are paid for but others are free. Whichever tool you choose, the following three areas should be monitored.

What Is Your Current Position Online?

The basic metrics of your campaign should be around monitoring your blog visits, social media pages and website itself. So, have a benchmark for the number of unique visitors, number of visitors, time spent on the site and page views for each visit. This will tell you how to measure whether a visitor progresses, how they spend their time and which elements of your campaign are most successful. This, in turn, allows you to work out what the ROI of your marketing efforts is likely to be. There are various free tools that you can use, including StatCounter and Google Analytics. Deeper states, however, will need to be looked into by a professional service.

Trends in Discussions of Associated Brands

What you are looking to find out is what other people say when they talk about your brand. Find out what their tone of voice and their mood is, and what people expect when they see your brand name online. You need this message to be positive, but you also need to know the demographics of your audience when it comes to starting the discussions in the first place.

These elements are vital in B2B and B2C marketing. This is because it is more likely that a consumer listens to another consumer, rather than to your advertisement. They trust their friends and family. This is why social media is so important, because people will use it to discuss your business with people who trust your opinion. You must also learn to respond properly if you see something negative, so that it doesn’t damage you.

ScoutLabs and Radian6 are two tools you can use to achieve this. However, they are quite expensive. Consider Vocus if you want to spend a little less. However, as always, it may actually be better to speak to a professional company to manage this element for you.

What about Your Competition?

You must also see what the competition is doing if you want to monitor your own brand. The way they behave can directly influence the reputation of your own brand as well. This means that you must monitor how they are performing and you must find out what they are doing right in each element on which they score higher than you.

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