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Sustainability and Big Business in 2015

As concerns for the environment grow, sustainability is a major focus for big businesses in 2015. For many, it is the year they will take stock and see if they have met their planned targets to cut carbon emissions. There has been a big shift in focus over the past decade, with companies being held accountable for their relationship with suppliers and customers. Just some of the issues faced today include palm oil production and deforestation. Big businesses are making a lot of changes to ensure they are keeping up with environmental guidelines for reputational and ethical reasons.

Improving engagement with supply chains

One of the main sustainability trends of 2015 is a focus on engagement with supply chains. Businesses have been provided with more tools than ever before to help them make greener choices when choosing suppliers. As mentioned by the Carbon Trust, advanced software systems are helping businesses to identify cost saving opportunities and create mutually beneficial relationships with local suppliers. There are a lot of greener options out there and big businesses are starting to take notice and make the necessary changes when it comes to who they deal with.

Focusing on water issues

One of the largest risks identified for sustainability in 2014 was water crisis. It was actually identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the biggest concerns for the global economy. Companies are starting to take notice of the risks and the amount of profit it could lose them and are making changes accordingly. These include making use of water risk management tools and implementing consumer programs. A scarcity of water is a huge issue for firms in California and the situation in that state continues to keep the issue in the headlines in 2015.

Taking advantage of engineering

Engineering services & solutions are also proving vital in sustainability. From structural engineering to design engineering; there are a wide range of skills within the engineering sector that can help with sustainability. Innovation is the key and engineers are excellent problem solvers. The right engineering companies can work with you to help reduce your carbon emissions on a big scale across your business and offer a service which benefits the local community.

Stricter environmental policies

A lot of big businesses are pushing for stricter environmental policies. They feel the government could be doing a lot more to tackle global environmental changes. As featured by the Guardian, a lot of the concerns highlighted by these businesses are no doubt partly down to self-interest. There has been a lot of criticism that businesses are focusing solely on the cost-saving benefits. In many cases this may be true, but there are a lot of companies who care a great deal about the environment and their effect on it. Politicians are being looked to in order to set parameters for everyone.

Overall sustainability is a massive talking point in 2015. The above are just some of the factors that companies are focusing on. With an ever increasing range of global problems, there is a lot of work to be done to meet environmental targets. It will be interesting to see which companies manage to meet their targets and any changes that might be implemented into government policies. There are a large number of ways you can ensure your business is contributing to global sustainability and, as ever, it’s better to be ahead of this game than being forced to play catch up further down the line. Failure to act in 2015 could see that happen.

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