Tips for inspiring creativity at work

With corporate powerhouses such as Google, Pixar and Facebook breaking the mould of the traditional office setting, more and more businesses are now embracing the idea that a workplace that stimulates creativity is the key to success. If organisations want to spark innovation among their staff, they need to foster the kind of environment that allows for freedom of thought, playfulness and imagination. If you’re looking for ways to help you and your employees unleash your creative potential, here are some top tips:

Create the right environment

The design of your workplace can have a huge impact on enhancing not just productivity, but also creativity. Having a confined and uninspiring workspace is a sure-fire way to crush imagination and deflate motivation. Having playful props, comfortable and innovative furniture, bright colours and plenty of open spaces will help to create a calm and informal environment. To stave off stress, consider installing break-out areas in the office setup, where workers can forget the demands of their day-to-day routine. To coax out your creativity, you can find design inspiration from sites such as

Get away from the office

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all that is needed to get a fresh perspective. Rather than having team meetings in a stuffy boardroom, why not switch things up by taking brainstorming sessions out of the office? Whether it’s a local cafe, park or pub, holding meetings in new and environment can help to encourage free thinking and make staff feel more comfortable about sharing impromptu ideas. Getting away from your usual working environment, even if only for a few hours, will allow the imagination to breathe and prompt you to think outside the box.

Open plan workspaces

Having private offices or cubicles can reinforce a sense of structure and rules, which in turn, can restrict flexible thinking. Discarding these physical barriers by having an open plan office can help to create a sense of camaraderie among staff and encourage people from different disciplines to interact more frequently. Instilling a sense of community in this way can improve internal communication, promote idea sharing and create a more informal space where ideas can flourish.

Balance work with play

Although allowing more time for recreation may seem counter-productive, studies have shown that giving staff time away from desk-based work can help to reduce stress levels and lead to increased innovation. Injecting a sense of fun into the workplace by organising gaming sessions or other social activities can help nurture a creative culture by making employees feel less like they are at work.

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