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Top 10 States for Business in Psychology

Psychology is an interesting and fulfilling career path, but some areas are better than others for starting your career as a psychologist. To use your master’s degree in psychology to its fullest potential, find a place that pays well and has an open position. Of course, many of the specific details will be up to you, but we hope this list of the ten best states to find a job in the field of psychology will get you started.

  1. Michigan
    The Land of 1000 Lakes is a great place to start your career as a psychologist. With the current state of Michigan’s inner-cities, it’s no surprise that the state is in dire need of psychological aid. The estimated annual salary potential for psychology graduates that find work in Detroit is $86,500.
  2. New Jersey
    This state, and many of its Eastern neighbors, rank highly on the list. Newark is the most lucrative city in the state with its $101,000 salary potential, and Iselin comes in at #2 with $98,000.
  3. Massachusetts
    Here we have another Eastern state known for its high-paying and accessible job opportunities for psychologists. Working in Boston can earn you $72,340, but the best salary potential in the state actually comes in Framingham, at $92,270.
  4. Ohio
    This state may offers pay that’s comparable to most other states, and offers a high number of available positions. A new psychologist can expect to earn around $75,050 while working in Cincinnati.
  5. Florida
    This is a wonderful place to start your career in psychology. Psychologists in Orlando can enjoy sunny beaches, exciting locales and a $121,390 annual salary.
  6. Texas
    Living in this state means living in an ethnically and culturally diverse area where various social and cultural issues can be aided through the use of psychology. In Dallas, the average psychologist can expect to earn an annual salary of $82,060.
  7. Pennsylvania
    Anyone with a master’s degree in psychology can find career opportunities in government services, research and development and applied industrial psychology. Working in Philadelphia can earn you an estimated $79,090.
  8. Illinois
    Psychologists are employed in virtually every economic sector of this state, whether through industrial jobs, clinical employment or psychology experts in schools. This state lists 4,460 registered psychologists, and many of them work primarily in schools. A trained psychologist in Chicago can expect to earn $82,877 just to start.
  9. New York
    Because of the cognitive and behavioral changes that need to happen in order to function in a fast-placed atmosphere, this state is always in need of good psychologists. Industrial psychologists are also in high demand in New York because of the constant flow of trade and economic activities. It seems only logical that the country’s largest city is a great place to start after receiving your master’s degree in psychology. You can expect to earn around $96,589 per year working in New York City.
  10. California
    Nowhere else in the US will you find as diverse a culture as in California. Because of its diversity, California is a great place for psychologists who can help others understand the differences between these cultures. Constant immigration to the state is another factor that allows California to offer the highest pay for psychologists in the country. Working in Bakersfield could earn graduates around $169,260.


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