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Top Office Gadgets

Are you sick of spending your days trapped inside a boring, impersonal cubicle, surrounded by printed flow-charts and beige boxes?  Sadly, I can’t help you escape from the life of office drudgery (although I do hope your lottery numbers come up this week!), but I can help you make the office a more interesting place to be.  Check out these five awesome gadgets, which will put a smile on your face, and make your co-workers insane with envy.

1.    Spy Pen Video Camera

There are lots of “Spy Pens” on the market, but most of them are pretty useless.  They’re either too bulky to use as a pen, or have a camera that is worse than the ones you would find on the first generation of camera phones.  Not this Spy Pen!  This camera-pen looks like a real pen, and is light enough to write with too.  It comes with three refills, and the camera, while only VGA quality, is more than clear enough for its intended purpose. You can use it to take still photos, or record up to 90 minutes of video footage.  The centre of the pen unscrews to reveal a USB connector, for easy viewing and transfer of your covertly recorded footage.

2.    Levitron Globe World Stage

Executive toys are getting cooler every year!  This amazing ornament harnesses the power of electromagnetism to make a globe levitate above the base and spin slowly in place. This is a great conversation piece, and something that will make you appreciate the amazing power of science.

3.    Cyber Clean  

Cyber clean makes cleaning your computer keyboard fun! Instead of messing with q-tips, wet wipes, and dodgy hand held “desk hoovers”, pull out this silly-putty like goo, mush it into the keys, squidge it around a bit, and pull it out while making jokes about Slimer from Ghostbusters.  The nicely scented goo will absorb all of the gunk from your keyboard, leaving it pristine. You can re-use the goo a couple of times before it needs replaced.

4.    The Solar Powered Charger

This sleek and stylish charger is designed to charge USB and min-USB devices.  It’s small and lightweight, and is designed to stick to your window, letting you re-charge your mobile phone without having to hog a much-needed power socket.  This is the perfect gadget for the eco-friendly office worker and the harried road warrior.  Even if you don’t get a lot of direct sunlight, this charger should provide enough juice to ensure that your smartphone survives the working day.

5.    The Silent Mouse

Does the click-crunk-click of your cheap old mouse drive you crazy?  Can your boss hear you clicking away, maintaining your plants and sending thugs out to collect debts in your favourite Facebook games?  If so, maybe it’s time you invested in this 2.4G Wireless Optical mouse which has been designed to be completely silent.  The mouse features 1000 and 1600 DPI modes, making it suitable for most uses, and it’s so light (and quiet), you’ll forget it’s there!

Guest post from Amy Fowler for Foxhall Business Centres. Click here to read more from Foxhall.

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