What do Your Business Premises Say about Your Firm?

A lot goes into running a business. How your company is perceived, has a big impact on how successful it is. In today’s world image is all-important.

Customers need to feel confident and that they are dealing with a professional company. The type of business premises that you are located in says a lot about your firm.

Your business address matters

If you are located in a respectable area, it can really help to inspire confidence in your customers. People tend to believe that a successful company is more likely to offer a good service. The fact that a firm is making enough money to be located in a good area is seen asproof that they are a reliable and trustworthy firm. As a result, your business address really does have an impact on whether someone will want to hire you or not.

The look of your premises is important

The way your business premises look is also important. This is particularly the case if your customers regularly visit your premises.

You need to make a good impression on your clients. Therefore, your company needs to be based in a well-maintained building. Nobody is going to trust a company that has scruffy business premises.

It is also important to think about the additional facilities that you need to serve your customers. For example, providing parking for your visitors and a comfortable reception area makes it convenient and pleasant for clients to visit your business premises.

Your business premises should feature your branding. This inspires confidence and has the additional benefit of helping to strengthen your brand.

Close to your customer base

It is also important to make sure that you are located close to your customer base. You want make it easy for people to find and visit your business premises. This is particularly important if you run the type of business that relies on passing traffic.

Locating yourself in an area that is known for providing the type of services or products that you offer is also a good way of boosting sales. For example in the UK if someone is looking for a software developer they are likely to look first at firms located in the Silicon roundabout area, in Islington, London. This is because over the past few years several big tech firms have based themselves there. A small tech firm that locates themselves in an area like that can easily piggyback off the success of the larger firms that are based there.

A great example of the right type of business location

For those looking for industrial units – Wimbledon is a good option. Wimbledon is an area that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to being a suitable place to locate a company. It is in an area with a good road network and a good reputation.

The fact that Wimbledon is a London suburb means that companies who are based there are within easy reach of a huge customer base. Wimbledon is also a location that is home to hundreds of other successful firms who also need products and services.

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